Type Pressure Gauge

So I splashed out on an analogue pressure gauge for a variety of uses but mainly for the bike. As you can see it comes it it’s own case and is very well thought out. The end is angled and you just have to press it onto the valve until no more air escapes then remove it as the needle remains as the pressure reading until you press the release valve.



Front tyre on the NC750:


Rear tyre reading:



Whilst learning I had a pair of Alpine Stars ankle boots. They were waterproof and great feel for the pedals but rather lacking on the protection front. So I dropped into Get Geared in Leatherhead to get something a bit more rugged.

I tend not to fanny around very much when shopping and go by what looks good first then whether it will fulfil my requirements. I saw the Forma boots very quickly and they fitted well.



They took a bit of getting used to with regards to the back brake. The AS boots had a flat bottom and these a proper arch so my natural position was pressing down on the back brake when I didn’t mean too. So I’ve changed the positioning of my foot now in slower moving situations. I’ll check the service manual because I can probably adjust the rear brake pedal.

Shopping list from nc700shop

What a great site at NC700 Shop – so many bits even for the new 2016 model.

So far I have the Ermax rear hugger which is colour coded in glint blue, next I have the SW-Motech Kobra handguards and the same manufacturers main stand. Finally I have the Honda crash bars – I didn’t like the look of the others. 724 Euro all in!

I think I’ll get the handguards and the rear hugger to start with. The main stand and crash bars aren’t essential right now as I already have a paddock stand.

Product Description Ref. Avail. Unit price Qty Total
Total products (tax incl.): 707,83 €
Total shipping (tax incl.): 17,04 €
Total (tax excl.): 604,06 €
Total tax: 120,81 €
Total (tax incl.): 724,87 €
Ermax Rear Hugger
Ermax Rear Hugger


ermaxnchug Available 153,03 €
153,03 €
SW-Motech Kobra Handguards
SW-Motech Kobra Handguards

With extension : No, With Led indicator : No

kobrahandguards Available 139,90 €
139,90 €
SW-Motech Main Stand
SW-Motech Main Stand
motechmainstand Available 175,90 €
175,90 €
Honda Crash Bars
Honda Crash Bars
08P71-MKA-D80 Available 239,00 €
239,00 €

Dash Cam

I no longer use this dashcam due to it being unreliable after 1 year of use. Constantly stopped recording and the head unit not working.

Well my InnoVV K1 dash cam system for motorcycles has arrived. Only took 5 days from Hong Kong.

DSC_0322 DSC_0323

I’ll update this post when I begin installation as I’d like to hook it up to the Neutrino black box but that may not make it in time. I’ll probably just scope out the mounting locations for everything and make sure I’m happy with dismantling all the cowls on the bike.

Here is the Installation page!

Power Distribution

After reading many articles and reviews I came across http://www.webbikeworld.com/t2/neutrino-black-box-v2-review/which is basically an intelligent power distribution and control module. Controllable via an app on a smart phone.

Here is the link to the manufacturer’s web site: http://www.arborealsystems.com/Arboreal_Systems/Neutrino_intro.html It seems suitably techie for me and also means not hacking into the bike’s wiring harness other than for 1 cable.

I’ve ordered the box and the additional USB socket so I can charge my phone if necessary. Hopefully I’ll get it before this bank holiday weekend!

Alas, it didn’t come in time for the weekend and I’ve just had a card through from the post office saying I need to pay them £38 in VAT and handling…. I will get it on Friday 3rd now.

I’ll hook it up to the battery then all the accessories will run from it.

Fri 3rd: Hooray better late than never I suppose


Flexible glue

A chap called Steve Summers over on the nc700 forum mentioned an interesting product that I will use for some projects including on the bike upgrades.

The product is called Sugru https://sugru.com/ and is a moldable glue that you can purchase in various colours, when it sets it is flexible still. I ordered a bunch of it in black.


2016 Honda NC750 Service manual and information

After a bit of googling I came up empty trying to find how to get hold of a copy of the service manual for my new bike. I could get the 2015 manual no problems but not the 2016 version.

So I emailed Honda UK. They said speak to my dealer. The dealer said there is no printed service manual for the 2016 bike.

So I emailed Honda UK again and asked them for the part number of the service manual. They kindly responded with the online portal where all the service information is available for all the Honda motorcycle fleet! OK it is a subscription based access model but I managed the login for 3 days and print off all the information I would likely ever need. I paid for 50 Euro for a 3 days sub.

Anyone can access the site at:


The bike arrived at last

For my first big bike I chose the 2016 Honda NC750X and as a bit of a techie I went with the DCT version.

It arrived last week and I’ve been riding it everywhere to get used to both the bigger engine and the auto box. My last bike was a KTM Duke 125.

I didn’t get any dealer options fitted because I didn’t really know what I wanted at that stage. Now I’ve ridden it for a while and digging around in the nc700.co.uk forums I have a fair idea of both cosmetic and practical upgrades that I want to install. I don’t want someone else doing it mind. I have enough competence and possibly just enough time to do it myself. I am middle aged now so we’ll see how that works out.

Firstly a few rider aids in terms of actual kit:

  1. Ear plugs
  2. Better fitting helmet
  3. Better boots

Secondly some electronics:

  1. Power distribution box
  2. Dashcam
  3. Possibly some modulating bullet leds

Thirdly, hardware:

  1. handguards
  2. screen / deflector
  3. engine guards
  4. rear hugger
  5. Main stand