The bike arrived at last

For my first big bike I chose the 2016 Honda NC750X and as a bit of a techie I went with the DCT version.

It arrived last week and I’ve been riding it everywhere to get used to both the bigger engine and the auto box. My last bike was a KTM Duke 125.

I didn’t get any dealer options fitted because I didn’t really know what I wanted at that stage. Now I’ve ridden it for a while and digging around in the forums I have a fair idea of both cosmetic and practical upgrades that I want to install. I don’t want someone else doing it mind. I have enough competence and possibly just enough time to do it myself. I am middle aged now so we’ll see how that works out.

Firstly a few rider aids in terms of actual kit:

  1. Ear plugs
  2. Better fitting helmet
  3. Better boots

Secondly some electronics:

  1. Power distribution box
  2. Dashcam
  3. Possibly some modulating bullet leds

Thirdly, hardware:

  1. handguards
  2. screen / deflector
  3. engine guards
  4. rear hugger
  5. Main stand